The Riddle of That Prophet

Monday, January 7, 2013

Gerald Flurry has omitted two key scriptures from his book, Who Is That Prophet?  These two scriptures prove that he has misinterpreted John 1:21.  His misinterpretation of John 1:21 is the platform on which he has placed all of the material that he says is the revelation that God gave to him about a previously unknown prophet.  An explanation of his mistake is available in HTML and PDF formats at these links:

The Riddle    

To understand his mistake, you need to understand the meaning of theory number 2.  Theory number 2 is a portrayal of Mr. Flurry's method of interpreting New Testament verses that contain “that prophet” or “the prophet”.  Theory number 1 is the reverse side of the coin.  Mr. Flurry has incorrectly imputed the same belief to all speakers who utter the name, “the prophet”, in the three passages in John's gospel account.  He has presumed that they assumed that Jesus of Nazareth was the Christ.  He has confused the beliefs of Christians living today with those of Jews who were living around AD 30.

The 2001 PDF version of Who Is That Prophet? is available here.  The Philadelphia Church of God removed it from its website prior to publishing the 2007 edition.

  Who Is That Prophet? (2001 Edition)

The PCG now provides it in hard copy form only.  The reason for this is included in the history of the riddle.

I sent my tithes to the PCG for nearly seven years, from 1995 until 2002.  I withdrew my financial support when I saw that Mr. Flurry had firmly committed himself to maintaining this erroneous doctrine.